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Family Eucharistic Adoration.

Avera Prince of Peace Retirement Community

Please join us for a child and family centered hour of prayer in adoration. All are welcome!

Grace Filled Women. Grace Filled Women returns for their schedule. They will start with a Communion Service in the church, followed by viewing the video "I Will Push You," with discussion.

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See bulletin for more details. Anointing Mass.

The Price of Peace -

Our annual communal Anointing Mass. Shamrockin' Reunion September 14th at 6 p. Iowa Ranked 1 State in the Country. Irish Booster Clothing Sale. Prince of Peace Catholic School S.

Why choose Prince of Peace. Morning Announcements Great job to our volleyball team for beating Muscatine and Camanche to win their bracket for the consolation round at the tournament this past Saturday! Good luck to our cross country teams tonight at their meet in Bellevue!

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There will be quiz bowl practice tomorrow during lunch in Mrs. They drifted apart slowly and steadily, staying together for their two children. When they finally felt ready to divorce, their son had his terrible accident.

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The settlement negotiations and the divorce process was fairly contentious, even though the amount of money at stake to be divided was disproportionately small by comparison to the size of their impasse-driving resentments. Yet neither the husband nor the wife would have any problems making ends meet after the divorce, as a result of their personal resources and their intentions to marry. Yet despite several four-way meetings and mediation sessions, the husband and wife could not settle their case. It would take the judge six months or more to issue a decision.

That decision could be appealed by either side, prolonging limbo. And trial was uncertain in outcome; each spouse had a lot to lose potentially in comparison to the negotiated settlement provisions. Their daily stress from the seething unresolved conflict was torturous.

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For my client, he and his partner could not move in together and merge their financial lives until he knew whether he would retain the marital home. His partner respected his strong feelings and supported him unconditionally. But she, an experienced business person, confided to me in a phone call that the money dispute was meaningless in a business sense and that the lingering divorce was impacting her mental health too. I asked if she could get my client to see through the financial issues more clearly. She could not, she said. And he would cry.

Trial was one month away and it was time to ramp up and prepare for what would most likely be an expensive, ultimately dissatisfying exercise in futility.

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He would accuse me of putting my financial interests ahead of his. Of being more focused on putting my kids through college than putting his financial interests at the forefront. Every divorce lawyer has seen this pattern and one time or another has faced down these post-trial accusations of legal incompetence and greed. And then, sometimes even faced with a complaint to the Board of Bar Overseers, we must delicately prove to the client that the failure to settle was their choice, not ours.

Having transferred the resentments from the ex-spouse to the attorney, former clients are reluctant to acknowledge their control of the unhappy outcome.