Meeting the Dead: A Novel

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The line goes dead. She begins to plot how to transport Bennett and Erin to her location.

Meeting the Dead: A Novel

Bennett, with help from the National Security Agency and the Israeli Mossad , attempts to trace the call. The president orders the deployment of Delta Force teams to Thailand to capture the caller. Rajiv, however, narrowly escapes being captured by Delta Force. On the way, the driver is shot by an unseen sniper, and the ambulance fishtails and lands on its side. As a cement truck is bearing down on it, Bennett manages to crawl out of it right before it crushes the ambulance, killing Erin and the nurses in the back.

A small squad of men rush toward him from the surrounding hills and knock him unconscious. The remnant of the government begins receiving intelligence that implicates North Korea as the culprit in the nuclear attacks.

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Also, satellite imagery shows a massive concentration of troops on the border with South Korea. President Oaks and his military advisors begin collaborating with South Korean officials on how to respond to the threat of an invasion. Meanwhile, back at Cheyenne Mountain, Bobby Caulfield, an aide to President Oaks learns that most of his family died in the attack on New York and begins to suffer a mental breakdown. Caufield also notices that he has run out of his hidden cocaine stash and begins to suffer from delirium.

He then assaults a military policeman and steals his Beretta pistol. As he is a presidential aide, he is able to get into a conference room where the president is having a meeting without being searched.

He then holds Oaks at gunpoint, demanding that he order U. Forces in South Korea not to fight against the North. Unsatisfied with how his demands are being received, he assassinates the President before committing suicide.

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Because of the amount of responsibility now heaped in his lap and his doubts about his abilities, President James becomes a Christian. Because he is a friend and helped rediscover the Ark of the Covenant , Doron feels his rescue is a top priority. He orders an extraction team to locate and rescue him. Bennett wakes up in a cold, dark cell in North Korea.

When two interrogators walk in to extract information, Indira Rajiv enters and shoots them for killing Erin because she was a friend. She tells Bennett that she did not want them to be harmed. She hands him a drive with a plethora of files detailing the names, locations, and plans of every member in the Legion before shooting herself. In America, President Lee James prepares for the first press conference since the attacks.

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After Indira commits suicide, Israeli special operations soldiers launch a raid on the North Korean prison Jon Bennett is being held in. They manage to rescue Bennett and escort him to their UH helicopter. After the helicopter manages to take off, Bennett notices something streaking across the sky.

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Tragically, Bennett and the Israeli soldiers are vaporized by one of the six thousand U. At his underground command center in Mount Weather , Virginia, President James begins his speech before a global audience of more than three billion.

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In a statement, Ms Atwood said "We are devastated by the loss of Graeme, our beloved father, grandfather, and spouse, but we are happy that he achieved the kind of swift exit he wanted and avoided the decline into further dementia that he feared. We are grateful for his wise, ethical, and committed life. One journalist wrote that "Every woman writer should be married to Graeme Gibson," which Atwood got printed on a t-shirt. I recommend it. Supposing your spouse doesn't like your work then you're in trouble. Graeme was best known for his non-fiction work Eleven Canadian Novelists, which comprised interviews with other Canadian authors, including his wife Margaret.

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Meeting the Dead: A Novel

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