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Alex William Herdler. Excerpt from The Verbal Accent in Russian: Dissertation Presented to the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Freiburg, Switzerland, for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, in June It is a generally recognized fact, that the primitive Slavonic accent is of primary importance in the reconstruction of tho Indo-European accent. Of the Slavonic languages, Polish, Bohemian and Sorbish have a fixed accentuation; Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and Bulgarian are characterized by their movable accent.

Fluctuating accent was also peculiar to the Ur-Slavonic accent and can be reproduced by comparing the modern Slavonic tongues.

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His primary areas of research are Macedonian and Bulgarian dialectology, as well as the comparative accentuation of Slavic languages and dialects. His research stays in the Balkans include a year in the Republic of Macedonia as a Fulbright Scholar in , during which he conducted archival work on materials for the Macedonian Dialect Atlas in Skopje as well as fieldwork in eastern Macedonia under the guidance of Bozhidar Vidoeski and Kosta Peev, as well as later briefer stays in Maleshevo in eastern Macedonia Dec.

Currently, Prof. Schallert is at work on an accentual dictionary and atlas of masculine nouns in Balkan Slavic dialects.

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Primary research fields: Balkan Slavic dialects, Slavic accentology. Secondary research fields: West Slavic prosody, Old Russian syntax Current projects: Accentual dictionary and atlas of masculine nouns in Balkan Slavic dialects, Morpho-lexical isoglosses in Balkan Slavic dialects. Festschrift for Eric P.

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Hamp, vol. II, [ col. Lingua Posnaniensis 37, Croatica , Le slave commun, Paris, Champion. Das Problem der balto-slavischen Sprachgemeinschaft,.

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Frankfurt am Main, Lang. Materialien des vom Slavonic accentuation, Oslo, Universitetsforlaget. The Olaf Broch symposium. More precisely, Rasmussen claims that the law only affected the syllable immediately preceding the ictus.

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Holst apparently enjoys lecturing the reader. Most of his digressions, however, are trivial, irrelevant or both. Hirt introduced his retraction in a paper presented at a conference in Vienna in see.

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