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He provides many insights into ecology and the processes that keep the world functioning. This important guide introduces observations that underlie arguments about all aspects of the natural environment--including both global and local issues.

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To clarify difficult concepts, Slobodkin uses lake, ocean, and terrestrial ecosystems to explain ecological energy flows and relationships on a global scale. The book presents a clear and current understanding of the ecological world, and how individual citizens can participate in practical decisions on ecological issues. It tackles such issues as global warming, ecology and health, organic farming, species extinction and adaptation, and endangered species.

An excellent introduction and overview, A Citizen's Guide to Ecology helps us to understand what steps we as humans can take to keep our planet habitable for generations to come.

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Slobodkin's superb and sweeping work invites us to contemplate a great many facts and a few large values to motivate a clear and compelling response to losses of biodiversity, the problem of invasive species, global warming, and other environmental concerns. Leia mais Leia menos.

Larry Slobodkin is Professor of Ecology and Evolution at the State University of New York at Stony Brook But most importantly there he is the first chairman of the first department of ecology and evolution in this country.

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The author seems to be using as verbose language as he can as if he's paod by the word. On just two pages he can go from one extreme to another, being "preachy" yet condescending.. If my child didn't need it as a textbook I'd return it. If you want to learn about the science of ecology OAEC supports diverse communities to design their own regenerative systems at the regional and local scale.

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OAEC serves as a retreat center for networks, public agencies, foundations and other groups working towards social and environmental change. Group Retreats Home. Immerse yourself in information, ideas and inspiration on how to design sustainable, regenerative systems in balance with your home ecosystem. Our School Garden Teacher Training supports schools to integrate the school garden into multiple subject areas using place-based, experiential learning.

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