Foucault and Theology (Philosophy and Theology)

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This book will explain how to do theology in light of Foucault, or more precisely, to read Foucault as if God mattered.

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Therefore, it will seek to articulate practices like confession, prayer, and so on as techniques for the self, situate "the church as politics" within present constellations of power, disclose theological knowledges as modes of critical intervention, or what Foucault called archaeology, and conceptualize Christian existence in time through mnemonic practices of genealogy. Worth the four dollars I paid for it.


I got it yesterday afternoon and stayed up all night to read it. The truth is, it cannot. Also makes a great gift for young girls, teenagers or Kindergarten aged children.

Michel Foucault

Fatherless children are the rule and not the exception. They are confident that a deeper knowledge of the great ideals and lofty philosophy of Oriental thought may help to a revival of that true spirit of Charity which neither despises nor fears the nations of another creed and colour. Log In Sign Up. Witnessing the violence of late capitalism: Foucault as a guide for Christian faithfulness [Book Review]. Christopher Mayes.

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Over the past decade a number influential philosophers from the Continental tradition have turned to the letters of Paul, the Early Church Fathers, and Christian theology more broadly, to examine the modern political subject, democratic governance and liberal economy. An important, yet perhaps uncomfortable, inclusion to this series is Michel Foucault.

The Politics of Religious Experience, 1st Edition

Foucault is an important inclusion due to his profound and sustained influence on contemporary political philosophy, sociology, critical theory, and gradually, theology. However, Foucault is also an awkward inclusion.

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Unlike the philosophers already mentioned, Foucault did not directly engage theology or the Christian tradition for theological purposes. This is not to suggest Foucault has nothing to contribute to theology.

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  6. With this aim, the emphasis is not on philosophy or theology per se, but the way these disciplines can be used in creating faithful subjects that witness to different communities than those offered by global capitalism. However, in the absence of a systematic overview, which the book does not intended to provide, the reader could feel disoriented and searching for a unifying thread.

    Foucault, Art, and Radical Theology: The Mystery of Things - CRC Press Book

    Overall Foucault and Theology provides important challenges for the theologian as well as the philosopher. However most importantly, this work introduces avenues of thought and practice for the individual trying to witness alternative relations to the self, the other, and animals, than those produced in late capitalism.

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    5. Tran does not present nor attempt, a pure exegesis of Foucault and the language of alternatives is particularly jarring. However Tran does deliver a faithful reading of the political and ethical significance of Foucault for individuals living in Empire. Mayes, Christopher. Witnessing the violence of late capitalism: Foucault as a guide for Christian faithfulness [Book Review] [online]. admin