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Exhibitor Index A-Z. Exhibitors by country. Product Categories. Information for visitors. Cooperating Media. Targaryen, as is well known, offer a variety of ways to discard cards from our hand for tangible benefits.

Preparations for the Crusade

This chap seems like he should be an absolute monster with Siege Prep, simultaneously widening the gap to our reserve value and ameliorating the low gold value on the plot. Hizdahr also works very well with the next Banner Dragon card that I want to slot in: Aegon Targaryen. Hizdahr can get us Aegon for free, and Aegon can potentially fetch us a double-digit-STR Protectors as one hell of a surprise. Completing our theme of discarding for effect, we can take 3x Old Forest Hunter a mini Hizzi. At this point, we have all of the ingredients that we need to exploit Siege Prep to its fullest potential, which means that we must now work out how the deck actually wins games and build the rest of it appropriately.

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The deck on ThronesDB. But we had a promising icon spread, which I have since rounded out to a very solid one, great STR to defend key challenges, and a couple of ways to stand important blockers. We should be able to field some pretty beefy power icons, especially if the Protectors get as hench as we know that they can, so this seems cheap and reliable.

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The Iron Throne also helps with ticking up that power count. Daggers suits our desire to defend challenges and can be triggered for free if we have Hizdahr on the table.


Both are solid enough plots in their own right — Return in particular offers us high reserve and a way to put Archivists into the bin — with good gold and strong initiative. Ultimately, though, I decided that there was no room. At the Gates is a must, 2x Siege Prep is the entire point of the deck, we have two Tricksy enablers, Dohaeris as a reset plus For the Watch!.

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If you win initiative and go second, it can also help you keep resources standing for PTTS or power-gain triggers on the attack.