The War That Came Early: West and East

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In the politics of Bizonia, the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats quickly established themselves as the major political parties. The Social Democrats held to their long-standing commitment to nationalization of basic industries and extensive government control over other aspects of the economy.

The War That Came Early West and East

When repeated meetings with the Soviets failed to produce four-power cooperation, the Western occupying powers decided in the spring of to move on their own. They were particularly concerned about the deteriorating economic conditions throughout occupied Germany, which burdened their own countries and awakened fears of renewed political extremism among the Germans. The Western powers therefore decided to extend to their occupation zones American economic aid, which had been instituted elsewhere in western Europe a year earlier under the Marshall Plan.

The Soviets responded angrily to the currency reform, which was undertaken without their approval.

When the new deutsche mark was introduced into Berlin, the Soviets protested vigorously and boycotted the Allied Control Council. Then in June they blockaded land routes from the Western zones to the Western sectors of the old capital, which were surrounded by territory occupied by the Soviet Red Army and lay about miles km from the nearest Western-occupied area. They were thwarted, however, when the Western powers mounted an around-the-clock airlift that supplied the West Berliners with food and fuel throughout the winter of — In May the Soviets relented and lifted the blockade.

From Nazism to Never Again

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How could one city mean so much?

Load Next Page. More About. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. But as always, Mr. Turtledove produces a broad cast of characters to fill his alternative world with detail, color and conviction. You could be reading a solidly researched popular history by Cornelius Ryan or William Manchester.

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And that, of course, is the effect the author intended. As entertainment, this is as good as an alternative fiction, or historical novel, you are going to read this or any other year.

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But take a few deep breaths as you devour it with glee and ask yourself if the course of events and the Triumph of Good, we usually so happily take for granted is as secure or predictable, as we think. Reading Mr. Turtledove will make you wonder. Martin Sieff is former managing editor, international affairs for United Press International and chief global analyst for the Globalist.

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