Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques: Practitioners and Experts Evaluate KM Solutions

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Arcade Publishing. Chris Collison, Geoff Parcell Peter F. Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management. Harvard Business School Press. Thomas H. Davenport, Laurence Prusak Working Knowledge. In your final group project, you will take the case your group has constructed up to Chapter 5, and extend it so that your recommendation also includes detailed specifications incorporating one or more of the most appropriate technologies after Chapter 6.

You should include sufficient detail that it is clear what implementation would require. This includes, but is not limited to, your methodology for knowledge engineering, capture, and acquisition; the types of engines needed; the types of features, attributes, rules, chaining, cases, indexes, metrics, mining; etc. Note that the final project is due on or before Dec Your group should turn in a written report, much as if you were a consulting group delivering the final report to the CEO. In general, PowerPoint presentations are not adequate, unless they are truly exceptional, and read just as clearly and detailed as a normal report would.

Course description Thorough coverage of the latest theory and practice of Knowledge Management KM , with an integrated interdisciplinary presentation that makes sense of the confusingly wide variety of computer science and business KM perspectives arising simultaneously from artificial intelligence, information systems, and organizational behavior.

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Course objective The goal of this course is to give you a solid foundation covering the major problems, challenges, concepts, and techniques dealing with the organization and management of knowledge with the help of computers. Upon satisfactory completion of this course, you can expect to: Understand the fundamental concepts in the study of knowledge and its creation, acquisition, representation, dissemination, use and re-use, and management.

Appreciate the role and use of knowledge in organizations and institutions, and the typical obstacles that KM aims to overcome.

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Know the core concepts, methods, techniques, and tools for computer support of knowledge management. Understand how to apply and integrate appropriate components and functions of various knowledge management systems. Be prepared for further study in knowledge generation, engineering, and transfer, and in the representation, organization, and exchange of knowledge. This practical book focuses on the vast offerings of KM solutions technology, content, and services.

Over twenty case studies describe the real story of choosing and implementing various KM tools and techniques, and experts analyse the trends in the evolution of these technologies and tools, along with opportunities and challenges facing companies harnessing them. Lessons from successes and failures are drawn, along with roadmaps for companies beginning or expanding their KM practice.

The introductory chapter presents a taxonomy of KM tools, identifies IT implications of KM practices, highlights lessons learned, and provides tips and recommendations for companies using these tools. Open-source and freeware tools for the creation of blogs and wikis now enable capabilities that used to require expensive commercial tools. KM is driving the adoption of tools that enable organisations to work at the semantic level, [50] as part of the Semantic Web. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Not to be confused with Content management or Information management. Archives management Customer knowledge Dynamic knowledge repository Electronic Journal of Knowledge Management Ignorance management Information governance Information management Journal of Knowledge Management Journal of Knowledge Management Practice Knowledge cafe Knowledge community Knowledge ecosystem Knowledge engineering Knowledge management software Knowledge modeling Knowledge transfer Knowledge translation Legal case management.

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    Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques : Practitioners and Experts Evaluate Km Solutions

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