Brilliant Biruni: Life Story of a Genius Abu Raihan Mohammad Ibn Ahmad (973-1053 C.E.)

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Proceedings of Difference and Repetition. Anti-Oedipus is difficult. It was somewhat warmer than usual. Shaking her head, she began to get worried. But what can I do? It has been four days since the animals have eaten anything. They might die. Darkness still covered everything. He could only see the few red charcoals in the fireplace. The tanoor still was somewhat warm, giving off heat to the room. Mohammad was aimlessly touching the quilt. Zareen-Geesoo too was complaining that it was too early to wake up.

Mahmud was a powerful man, and what if the thieves come? I can take care of myself. I have done it before. In addition, my dog Jalad, the executioner, is with me. He is a good dog. She is always worried! Wait until the sun is out. Village of Vasemereed S 5 The smell of goat soup was slowly filling the room. Mehrana had already started preparing food for lunch. The large drops of rain were still falling.

The village was getting ready for a long and gloomy winter ahead. Most of the people of Vasemereed were poor peasants; only a few owned their farms, and some worked on government land. It was just a combination of some mud huts. Not many people in this village knew the Andijani family well. Although they had lived here for seven years, they still were considered as outsiders. Throughout his time in Vasemereed, Professor Ahmad Andijani was mostly busy planting wheat, barley, cotton, and some vegetables.

The father of the household, Professor Ahmad Andijani, died three years ago of a heart attack. He was only forty-two years old. He was skinny. His face was yellow and sad, and he hardly smiled. He was a farmer, but he also wrote many things. He would write on fine Chinese paper.

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He was a carpenter too, and he was able to repair and fix many things, especially farming tools and doors and windows. He looked like a grave old man.

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He was dignified, revered, and serious. He was suffering from an internal pain not known to many people in the village. He came to be known to the villagers as Professor Ahmad the astronomer. At night, he would talk to his children about the stars and would write strange equations and draw strange shapes and graphs. He would spend hours calculating mysterious equations and formulas.

He would climb on the roof when the moon was shining and spend many hours observing the skies and the stars. Some of the people who did not like him at first used to think he was involved in witchcraft. But in a short time period, the villagers realized that he was a knowledgeable astronomer, a scientist, and a good man. Once in a while, the two would get together and discuss various topics.

Due to his wide encompassing knowl- edge and honesty, the villagers liked him. Professor Ahmad was also physi- cally sick. He was coughing quite often. These coughs were continuous and painful. Twice a day he would go to the mosque to pray to Allah.

He would not talk to anybody unless he was talked to. He became the most respected person in the village. His wife, Mehrana, too was well respected by the vil- lagers. Neither the menfolk nor the women in the village could find out more about this family. The villagers were wondering why this family had relocated 6 S Chapter One to Vasemereed! What was the reason that they had to leave the city behind? Through the people who would go to the city more often, the villagers learned that Professor Ahmad had served as the court astronomer.

In the late tenth century C. The region was under the domain of two amirs. The Greeks called this river the Oxus; the Arabs knew it as Jeyhoon. To the east of Amu-Darya there is another river called Sir-Darya. Both of these rivers have always been very significant to the local population. The word Darya is Persian, meaning the sea. Indeed, Persians call any large body of water the sea. Even Lake Aral is sometimes called the Aral Sea. For a detailed geographical description of this re- gion, please see Le Strange, ; Barthold, ; and Kamiar, Vasemereed was located on a caravan road.

Many caravans moving be- tween cities in the west and those in the east would stay in this village. South of this village there was a large desert called Beaban-e Ghuzz or the Ghuzz Desert. It is located east of the Caspian Sea in central Asia.

Imam Ghazali Series (Urdu) ~ Father of Islamic Philosophy "Abu-Yusuf Yaqub ibn-Ishaq al-Kindi"

Khwarazm was a fertile region. The inhabitants would grow grains and fruits of many kinds for export. Thanks to the water from the two rivers mentioned earlier, cotton could be cultivated in this dry region. The farmers and some nomads were in- volved in raising livestock too. Wool, dairy products, and meat were also pro- duced. The margins of the desert provided a very good grazing area. The grasslands, steppes, of central Asia were really important for raising livestock. Every year, merchants came to Khwarazm from as far as Eastern Europe and Russia. They would bring all types of fur and skin, including weasel, sable, beavers, squirrel, ermine, and mink, to be sold or traded with local products.

Local workers would process the leather, skin, and fur. Local tailors and dressmakers would produce the best clothes for export. Other local com- modities included fish and fish products, honey, hazelnuts, jujube, grapes, sesame, wooden boats, ambergris, box-wood, wax, swords, bows and arrows, chain mail, shields, rugs, and colored cotton and silk cloth. Eskin No-Nonsense Finance : E. From the Eighth Century to by J.

Ismael SchweserNotes. Cass Military Studies by Donald J. Spitzer Gabler Kompaktlexikon Werbung: 1. Milani Questioning Krishnamurti: J.

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